Quips and comments and captions all have their place. When it comes to capturing attention and imagination, well-crafted longer writing is still the cream of the crop.  

There's nothing like the sensation of sinking into a story. That could be a whole book or an article on a topic you find fascinating. It could also be a blog post capturing your executive's unique perspective on an issue of importance—or even promotional materials or web copy to promote understanding of your organization


I specialize in simplifying complex topics. With a background in feature writing and familiarity with healthcare, technology, science, and financial and small business topics, I'll get up to speed quickly and deliver articles for uses spanning local exposure to national publication.

Pricing: $0.75/word to $2/word based on complexity


Ghostwriting is the practice of writing work under someone else's name and in a voice that matches his or her natural way of expressing himself or herself. I'll work with the person to whom the writing will be attributed to ensure that the work I do sounds natural and reflects deep knowledge of the subject matter for maximum effect.

Pricing: Available on request


Have you ever thought about writing your memoirs or relating a fascinating event in your life—but decided you didn't have the writing skills to tell the story? With a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction, I'll work with you as a ghostwriter or co-author to bring your tale from your mind to the page, ready for publication.

Pricing: Available on request



Whitepapers, audio and video scripts, emails, RFP responses, and many more business communications benefit from an experienced writer's touch. I'll get a sense for your strategy to make sure the finished files advance your acquisition or retention goals.

Pricing: Available on request

what don't i write?

It might seem like I write everything. In fact, I don't write technical copy, academic papers and journal articles, or resumes and curriculum vitae. I also only rarely write display or search advertising copy.

Perhaps most importantly, my strategy background and focus on high-quality, deeply researched writing make me wary of projects that have the sole goal of "getting more website hits." That's because these projects put volume before quality and value a list of SEO keywords over a comprehensive content strategy. Please see Strategy to learn how I can help you out of this rut. 

Well written article. Thanks so much for preparing this!
— Global nonprofit award winner, reviewing ghostwritten essay for national publication
Wonderful insight from first read!
— Creative director
This is perfect—succinct, powerful and to the point. Much appreciated, JoAnn!
— Editorial manager, reviewing program introduction