Beyond creating content for others, I've slowly begun to return to my first love: telling true stories that help people learn about and appreciate one another.


my writing philosophy

From cave paintings and creation legends to memes and novels, humans have used stories to teach and entertain since long before we started writing anything down. Each person has a particular, unique view of events we experience and facts we encounter. When we tell these stories, we call them truths. And by telling our true stories, we expand them beyond a mere recitation of dates and names and figures, so that our readers can come with us into our own realities. They can feel what we feel and learn what we learn. Perhaps that allows us to find the unexpected things we share in common. And perhaps it allows us to celebrate our differences with joy and warmth and humor. 

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.
— Robert Bresson, French film maker


mr. khanjani's roses

Follow me through years and around the U.S. in search of an Iranian prisoner's story.

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Thinking out loud

Check out the motley thoughts and ideas that cross my mind in these (usually) weekly posts.

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