A strategist who writes? A consultant who edits? A storyteller who's process-savvy? I cross disciplines naturally, applying specific skills at will. 

Through the four distinct phases of my career, I've synthesized a unique blend of complementary talents, skills, and expertise. That's why you'll benefit from seamless service at the top levels of strategy and planning and in the refined arts of writing and editing.   

independenCE & CollaboratiON

Since stepping out on my own, I've had the opportunity to put together all of the pieces I've built during the last 20 years. I can show you how to elevate the quality of your writing, while helping you make the content production process more efficient. I can also dive deep into your organization alongside you and help you find and eliminate inefficiencies, refine the way you see and express your purpose, and even clear away internal weeds that clutter external communications.  

Thank you for being so rational and kind.
— Marketing collaborator, in the midst of a complicated RFP response

CONTENT Strategy

The leap from strategic content marketing to content strategy was a small one, but valuable. I developed the ability to work within a larger digital advertising strategy. To support website builds and landing or conversion strategies, I can team up with your SEO team, developers, user experience specialists, and designers. I bridge the gap from content strategy through writing, saving time and often reducing revisions by carrying the project's intention through its execution.

content marketinG

Like many a young Gen X professional, I adapted from print to web, sites to apps, right along with the technology. As a result, you'll find that I have a deep respect for comprehensive data in decision-making—and I can help you avoid reliance on misleading, cherry-picked stats. I'm also not opposed to any platform or channel on principle. I look at your audience, your organization, and your goals and then consult with you to determine the most effective tools to use to accomplish your objectives in your specific situation, with an eye toward efficiency. I can even mentor, train, or advise your staff or partners to help them expand and enhance their writing, editing, and content planning skills—helping you save money in the long run.

A delight to work with … efficient and professional …
— Content marketing colleague

Communications & Publishing

My very earliest career choices still weigh into the work I do every day. I have an insider's understanding of nonprofit operations, so I can work with you to build consensus among your colleagues and move your initiatives forward. And I've spent many an exacting hour poring over historic records, while switching between copyediting and event planning. Not only can I keep up with your competing priorities, but I can anticipate your next move and smooth the path for you.