It's rare to find an editor who not only understands and builds style guides, but also works through your writing from top to bottom to elevate its quality.

From setting editorial direction for custom magazines, to editing executive statements, to advising authors of articles and books, I bring experience as a senior editor and copy chief to your projects, making sure that your words mean what you think they mean and that your audiences aren't stopped by illogical arguments, nor by grammar goofs.


If you're publishing a magazine or a content-based website, you need to have a good editorial plan. Whether three months or a year at a time, I'll work with you to set structure, choose topics, and even manage your writing team to ensure you're producing consistent, on-time and on-strategy content that resonates with your audience and draws them closer to you.

Pricing: From $2,000/year


I specialize in in taking writing from passable to tight and easy to read—and making complex ideas easy to understand. If you're regularly producing articles, let me help you improve their structure and readability, as well as their style, to keep your audiences hanging on your every word.

Pricing: From $300 for heavy copyediting/line editing; structural editing priced upon request


    Nothing is more deadly to an organization than writing full of platitudes, jargon, and tired metaphors. Not only will I help you get to the point, but I'll help you learn how to recognize and eliminate bad habits. I can even create a style guide specific to your organization, if needed. By default, this work includes everything from structure to proofreading.

    Pricing: From $500/month



    With a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction and two decades of varied editing experience, I'm uniquely qualified to work with you to develop your book from first draft through final submission or self-publication, or at any stage along the way.

    Pricing: From $2,500


    Copyediting is the special kind of attention focused on specific punctuation, spelling, and grammar clarification. It's intended to refine and standardize writing. Service is available alone on retainer or for magazine or book-length projects only.

    Pricing: From $500/month


    Proofreading is the last step before a piece of writing is released to the world, whether in a Word document, on a website, or in a magazine spread. Service is available alone on retainer or for magazine or book-length projects only.

    Pricing: From $500/month

    One of the best editors I’ve dealt with …
    — Freelance writer, after working on assignment
    How many ways does one say thank you? You have done an incredible job.

    — Self-publishing writer, after receiving edits to a nonfiction book manuscript
    Lightning fast! Thank you!!
    — Production manager, on receiving proofed corporate copy