You may not need a senior-level communications, content, or editorial specialist on staff—but you do need one at your side and in your head.

In this time of user-generated content, tweets, posts, and texts, it's easy to forget that the core ways people connect with one another are the same—and that solid writing and editing help strengthen those connections. I'll learn your goals and help you identify ways to overcome your challenges, build tighter bonds with your audiences, and save time and money in the long run.


I see where threads will be missing in the rug before the rug is woven—whether the rug is a new communications plan, a content marketing strategy or production workflow, an RFP response, or many other efforts. I can help you spot the pitfalls that may lie ahead, saving you time and money for months or years to come.

Pricing: From $2,000/month


Whether you're working for a small organization and need a senior advisor to talk through ideas, or you're a beginning writer in need of someone to help you structure and refine your work, I'm happy to put my experience and training at your disposal. You can expect to build confidence and see your work attract positive attention.

Pricing: From $600/month


For your team, organization, or association, a one-time workshop or series of related training sessions may be the perfect mix of education, inspiration, and support you need to achieve your goals. 

Pricing: From $1,500/session

    So great chatting with you yesterday! I left so excited and amped! :-)
    — Nonprofit marketing director, after consulting kickoff
    I feel so much better after you’re here!
    — Higher ed communications VP, shouting out the conference room door