Bespoke teams of independent, experienced specialists provide an effective, efficient, and personal approach to executive-level strategies and multi-channel execution.

As much as I blur the lines between my own areas of expertise, you sometimes need more robust support for large projects. I can collaborate with your in-house team. Or, I can refer you to my trusted partners, who draw from their networks to help you accomplish your goals. 


Sharon Trzaskos

Sharon assembles project-specific teams of senior-level, independent specialists. Her well-integrated, efficient, and individualized approach extends from executive-level business planning through tactical execution in public relations, marketing, communications, and event or conference planning. She has a soft spot for groups immersed in their communities.


Stephanie Brown

Steph launched her ship to help companies and organizations navigate through the clutter that's become commonplace in branding and digital engagement. She assembles nimble teams of proven, senior-level specialists who bridge the gap between brand identity and digital outcomes, connecting strategy, content, SEO, and architecture to email and e-commerce.