Mr. Khánjání's Roses

What better day than Valentine's Day to share the new title of the book? And, of course, the fact that the story is coming back to where it started: the inspiration an 8-year-old girl took from a bouquet of roses she spied across a crowded room and what she learned years later when she went searching for their source.

Mr. Khánjání's Roses: My Love Lessons From an Iranian Prisoner is still a narrative nonfiction book, with all of the history and analysis of events that requires. But it's closer to the heart. A little more adventurous. A little more colorful. A lot more me, in other words. 

I'm feeling good about this evolution of things. The chapter outline feels better and the path the rest of my research needs to take seems more clear. And I'm even more confident about which teaser pieces I'll send out next and to whom I'll send them.

In fact, today I complemented my everyday jeans with a bright red sweater, bright red socks with white hearts, and carved-bone heart earrings to make this announcement. This despite my Valentine's Day consisting of revisions to client projects, writing a legal/contract paper, and not driving 10 miles in search of extravagantly frosted baked goods and Starbucks' finest chocolate-espresso-sugar concoction.

This is my treat for myself today. And for you.