The Unintentional Hermit

The last week has been a little bit like going 100 miles an hour off a cliff, creatively speaking. After a couple of months focused on my book research and writing, and just enough money-making to stay afloat, I had to make a quick priority shift last week. Last book deadline met (for now) meant time opened up for meatier freelance projects (for now), which arrived all in a row. Or a heap. Or something. 

In general, the swap is a good one. I like having income (even potential income). It has also, in a somewhat less ideal fashion, though, extended the period of time when I have little to no casual contact with other humans, and during which any effort at fitness is sidelined. Not quite the stress relief I had been looking forward to earning at the end of a short and packed semester. 

This, too, shall pass. I know that. Things will even out. I'll be able to achieve the balance between ongoing book progress, making a living, and pursuing the interests and interactions that will keep my head on straight and get my body back into the condition to do all the other fun stuff I want to do. That will take some time and some smart organization, but I'm working on it.

Right now, though? Definitely feeling like an unintentional hermit. This coming weekend I fully intend to be the first in about eight that is mine. All. Mine. I might share part of it with people who have nothing to do with the book, grad school, or work. Imagine that!