The 'I'ds' of March

"The Ides of March are come," wrote the Bard. While I will neither be sacrificing a sheep to appease Jupiter, nor stabbing Caesar (except in salad form), I am marking the day in my own giddy, almost-end-of-the-semester way. 

For your reading amusement, here are my "I'ds" of March, off the top of my head today:

  1. I'd like to quote from Julius Caesar, but the last time I saw it, it was set in a post-apocalyptic, somewhat Stalinist-appearing era with an awkward drum track at scene changes, so I giggled at inappropriate moments.
  2. I'd like to enjoy corned beef and cabbage on Thursday, but since I don't, I'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with bangers and mash. Also a chocolate-mint cupcake, if I can find one.
  3. I'd like to figure out where I'm going once I get my MFA, but all I know for certain at this point is that it will be no more than 2 hours from an ocean. Atlantic is lovely, but Pacific is definitely in the running. Hoping for a sign, or I'll rock-paper-scissors it next summer.
  4. I'd like to break my March addiction to Thin Mints, but I just ordered a batch (and promise I will try not to eat them directly out of the freezer this year).
  5. I'd like to go zip-lining even though it terrifies me, maybe next summer, since this year I'm spending a day kayaking with my dad in Maine on the way to my August residency.
  6. I'd like to try Krav Maga, I think, although that might just be a desire to be as much of a feminine badass as Ziva David on NCIS. It's expensive, so videos and DIY workouts will do the job just fine for now. Badassery and all.
  7. I'd like to live in a home where the walls are not white, and someday after I pay my way out of grad school loans, maybe I will.
  8. I'd like to learn Farsi, even though I'll still need an interpreter for interviews. My current vocabulary is not at all useful: "Aunt JoAnn," "mouse," "little by little, day by day," "kiss me," "I love you," "how are you," and a few foods. The reasons I know those fun ones in the middle aren't anywhere near as interesting as you might think, either!
  9. I'd like to be able to use my office space, and after this weekend, if I make good use of time, I should have everything stowed away so I don't feel claustrophobic up there.
  10. I'd like to finish my last chapter of the school year by Saturday afternoon at the latest, without any all-nighters or angst. And since, as a friend pointed out last week, when I say finish a chapter, I mean write it, not read it, I'm going to get back to that now.