Quick Bits of Inspiration

In the last week of the second-to-last term working toward my MFA, with freelance assignments moving through, too, I hope I can be forgiven for a little inattention to blog-y things. That doesn't mean my mind's completely gone right now, though. My quest for inspiring ideas continues!

Later this week, a couple friends and I will attend a local TEDx annual event. In part just to break out of our day-to-day ruts, in part because some of the talks sound interesting, and in part because there's a good chance I'll be pitching a talk for this event next year (so seeing this year's talks in person should help me prepare).

In the meantime, I found myself cruising through Not a Crime videos recently. They document the works of street art around the world that are highlighting the denial of higher education, and sometimes even basic education, to Bahá’ís in Iran. The largest number of these massive murals are located in Harlem, where I hope I might get to see them when I'm in NYC after the holidays. The video that I most enjoy, though, chronicles the work of artists in Sydney, Australia. Have a look and have a think: