Marketing buzzwords and trends drive me bonkers. I prefer connections that are real and classic. Let's talk about quality, sustainability, and purpose.


Howdy there!

I'm JoAnn. I'm a 20-year agency and in-house communications veteran, solo since 2015.

I combine business savvy, creative experience, and journalistic sensibility. I can find holes in your content workflow and ways to fix them.

And I'm equally at ease ghostwriting for your CEO or helping you restructure your book.  

I believe That ...

  • Good character and common sense are at the heart of effective communications
  • Sounding like a human is always right, whether you're an author or an organization 
  • Most organizations need an experienced advisor, but not always on staff
  • Communications and marketing should never be separated from your organizational strategy
  • Content strategies and editorial plans are only as good as your ability to fulfill them
  • Having something purposeful to say overrules having a list of SEO keywords
  • Nonprofits, mission-driven start-ups, and B-Corps deserve efficient, thoughtful service


The heart of my business is me. I've found that applying the same values to my work and life leads to a happier me and better relationships with everyone around me. Here's a quick summary.

#1: Do the Right Thing

I keep practical guidelines in mind, but I don't base decisions on precedent. Instead, I evaluate the circumstances and needs in each situation. What's right for you is usually right for me.  

#2: Be of Service

Work done in a spirit of service has a profound effect. That's why I look to work with you, not for you. I come at every engagement with a view toward solving your short- and long-term challenges. 

#3: Celebrate differences

The more different we are, the more we have in common—and can share. I value ethnic and geographic differences, and variety in history, language, tradition, thought, and habits.

#4: respect reality

Many authors and organizations can't simply burn down their existing work and start from scratch. I'll meet you where you are and help you advance, either through bold leaps or baby steps.

#5: create sustainable quality

The "wow" factor is the hallmark of one-hit wonders. In my experience, developing the "value" factor has more impact. I'll help you plan and sustain effort and effectiveness over time.

SOME interesting facts

  • Rode a horse to the bus stop
  • Nordic skied at Lakes Tahoe and Placid
  • Has a somewhat eidetic memory
  • Competed twice at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Spends free time with a camera or kayak
  • MFA, Creative Nonfiction, University of King's College and Dalhousie University
  • BA cum laude, English/Writing, Fairfield University (history and Spanish minors)
  • Oh, you wanted professional facts? Have a look at my Experience.

NO, Thank You

While I work across many subjects and industries, I don't accept work that promotes:

  • A political party, candidate, or platform
  • Recreational alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco use
  • Sexually explicit or immodest behavior or clothing
  • Gambling in any form, including casinos and horse racing
  • Questionable, injurious, or exclusionary financial practices or investments
  • Businesses that make a profit by knowingly marginalizing individual groups
  • Practices that have been identified as cruel or inhumane treatment of animals